Innocent people are convicted of crimes every day. Criminal lawyers know the harmful effect a criminal record will have on your future jobs and life. Preventing charges from being filed, reducing them or dismissing them is our number one goal, aside from keeping you out of prison.

If you have been accused of a crime, you are facing a legal battle that will forever change the course of your life. You are up against a prosecution team backed by the resources of the government with a single purpose — to get you convicted. Without a defense lawyer fighting for you, you are in an unfair fight. You should act fast and act decisively. Don’t wait to take action — it may save your life!

Every day that goes by the prosecution is working behind the scenes building a stronger offense, which is why you need an aggressive criminal lawyer to defend your rights and work towards your defense immediately and before the case reaches the courtroom.

Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney at Law, PLLC knows how to:

  • Conduct our own private investigation for your benefit and an advantageous result.
  • Interview witness, victim, and police with superior expertise.
  • Dissect and assemble evidence to establish a winning defense.

Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney at Law, PLLC tips the balance in your favor.

We all know you are supposed to be “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, the reality is, our criminal justice system puts the accused at a serious disadvantage. Juries are often inclined to presume guilt, and prosecutors have the benefit of your tax dollars to build and present a strong case against you. In fact, the prosecution’s case has started before you even have an opportunity to start your defense.

Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney at Law, PLLC  represents clients in criminal defense matters that include robbery, grand theft, burglary, battery, weapons charges, DUI, traffic, drug charges, and other criminal offenses.