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When you have been injured in an automobile accident and another party is liable, you will want to be represented by an auto accident lawyer. When you or a loved one are injured in the West Palm Beach area, call Byrnes Guillaume Attorney at Law immediately. Injuries sustained due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of a business, an entity, or another person may require the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer. A serious auto accident may result in wrongful death or severe injury, but even minor injuries will generate medical bills and may cause loss of wages. Our firm offers Personal Injury Legal Services, and our goal is to protect your interests by seeking compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. You may also be entitled to compensation for loss of future wages, future medical bills, recovery care, pain and suffering.

Insurance agencies will often try to make a settlement offer to the injured party to keep the case from going to court. It is important that you call Byrnes Guillaume before speaking with a representative from the other party’s insurance company. In Personal Injury cases, you need a law firm with the experience and the expertise to get you what you deserve. Our firm can help you pursue a wide range of claims, including wrongful death, back injury, head injury, brain injury, neck injury, or spinal cord injury. When you need an auto accident lawyer to represent you, call Byrnes Guillaume at (561) 689-9191.


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