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When you need a Haitian Family Lawyer in the West Palm Beach Florida region, call the law offices of Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney At Law, PLLC. We are a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals facing legal issues. We handle all aspects of Family Law.

Divorce,Custody and Child Support Cases: Let us walk you through all of the complexities of the divorce and allow us to fight for your rights and protect your children. When one parent has a child for a “substantial amount of time” and the other parent does not, that other parent owes child support.Let the law office of Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney at Law, PLLC sit down with you to discuss your rights and options.

Paternity Cases: In Florida, when a child is born in a marriage, the child is automatically assumed to be the child of the husband. Alternatively, when a child is born out of marriage, the child is not necessarily linked to the correct father. The law firm can arrange paternity tests, file petitions to establish the correct father, and then establish child support for the correct parents.

Domestic Partnerships: Many people live together these days without choosing to get married. Often, when people live together, they desire to purchase property together, adopt children together, or mingle finances together. The law firm can help assist people in need of a domestic partnership agreement that can help solve as many issues and help prevent unnecessary and costly litigation.

Our mission is to provide legal solutions for individuals in need of legal representation while providing competent representation and excellent client service. For the convenience of our clients who speak Creole, we are fluent in the language. Byrnes Guillaume, Attorney At Law, PLLC is established to provide legal solutions for individuals in need of legal representation. While an outcome of a case can never be assured, client satisfaction will be achieved through clear communication.

If you have questions or want to have a preliminary discussion about your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (561) 689 9191.


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